1 AW (Age of War) – The Primordials, Earth and Sky, leap out of the Void

10 AW – The Primordials give birth to all 25 of the gods. The Black Abyss appears, and takes residence in a thin strip between Earth and Sky.

11 AW – The Great Schism. The Gods split into the Radiant Council and the Parliament of Black. The Divine War of Dominance begins.

16 AW – God #25 is slain in battle, and creates the Land of the Dead.

20 AW – The leaders of the Radiant Council and Parliament of Black duel. It ends in a stalemate, and the gods decide to call a ceasefire. The Gods create the Planes together.

643 4A – The kingdom of Nualeth is founded.

500 5A (Fifth Age) – The War of Three Dragons begins.

1200 5A [CURRENT] – The Four Companions gather.


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